Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Crown Ambassador Bill & Peggy Britt

In Amway recognition, Bill & Peggy Britt have reached the highest achievement level that the corporation offers. The Amway business came to Bill & Peggy out of great adversity, and they worked hard to reach many of their financial goals.

Two years later, Bill discovered that his Amway income exceeded his initial financial goals. He evaluated his situation and reasoned that if he could achieve this by building part time, than he should work full time in his part time endeavor. So, he quit his job. To be certain that his decision was right he worked harder than ever in his third year and qualified as Diamond.

Bill's vision increased and he saw that he could help others in his group to reach the Diamond level. He says that every year he builds on the business that he established in those early years, and each year it adds to his income.

"We take the knowledge we learned the hard way and give it to our people, and we help them to mature in the business until they become our peers," says Bill Britt.

Looking back, Peggy summed up their phenomenal growth with one memorable statement: "We never did anything dramatic, we just did a little bit everyday." That consistent effort to make something happen every day, multiplied by more than twenty-eight years in this business, is the key to their success.

Bill britt - A Teacher and Parent to His Business Partners

Bill Britt and his wife Peggy have built one of the largest independent businesses, achieving Crown Ambassador level. The secret to their success, Bill says, is that they act more like teachers and parents than traditional business partners.

"The most vital thing we do is educate people about how to own and operate their own successful businesses" says Bill. "You can only temporarily build a business on emotion and excitement. When we started our independent business, people were getting in and out fast, but now education keeps them in. We're really strong about teaching."

Bill and Peggy also nurture their downline the same way parents nurture their children. "We're parents to our downline," says Bill. "We take the knowledge we learned the hard way and give it to our people. We help them mature in the business until they become our peers. They pass the knowledge on to their 'sons and daughters' and soon have 'grandchildren' and 'great grandchildren' in the business."

With his relationship-based approach, Bill brings highly valued insights to his work with the Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOA International). He has served several terms on various Association committees, including the Executive Committee, and fulfilled a term as Board President in 1983-84. He is currently serving as a Presidents Cabinet Representative on the IBOA International Board.

Life History of the Eye opener - Bill Britt

Personal Background

Bill Britt is the oldest of eight children. His father had an alcohol problem resulting in lost jobs, lost homes, and chronic chaos for the entire family. Bill worked for tips when he was too young to be on anyone’s payroll. Later he released the "Father Power" tape, one of the classics.

After serving in Korea, Bill earned an advanced degree in engineering, and spent the next 15 years as a city manager in various North Carolina cities.

He invested $10,000 in a "blue sky" investment scam, where he was supposed to be able to sell cars obtained at lower prices than other dealers. The entire $10,000 was lost immediately. He and Peggy had borrowed the money for this investment, and after three years of working hard to pay it back were still in debt. They were looking for some other business which would help them, and another person who had been the victim of the same investment scam called him to offer him the Amway opportunity.


He was very careful about the Amway business. As he said in various tapes and rallies, "The night I went to see this business plan for the first time, I left my wallet in my car so I wouldn’t even be tempted." He has represented over and over that he was extremely skeptical. Diamonds Dom & Pat Coniguliaro are Bill Britt's immediate upline diamond.

Bill Britt was originally in Dexter Yager's tools marketing group. He split in 1981 and founded BWW, his own training system.

When they began building their business, Bill was completing a master’s degree in public administration, serving as an officer in the National Guard, and working full time as a city manager.

Bill Britt has 12 Frontline Diamonds, 2 of which are part of the same leg:

Crown Paul & Leslie Miller
Triple Diamond John & Jennie Belle Crowe (left BWW now leading his own system - UR Association)
Double Diamond Mickey & Dottie Hamlett (inactive) now lead by EDC Ray & Caroll Youngblood
Emerald Gary & Debbie Bostic is upline to 2 diamonds. Founders EDC Kanti & Hemi Gala (US groups plugging in with LTD) and 2006 New Diamonds Gary & Tammy Newell (also plugging in with LTD).
EDC Al & Mary Ann Fratantuono
EDC Rex & Betty Renfrow (broken off from BWW, now pluggingi in with the UR Association)
Diamonds Gary & Nancy Ayers (LOA, now plugging in with Winters LTD)
Diamonds Wayne & Carol Martin
Diamonds Richard & Louise Cole (plug in with Winters LTD) Miller & Phillips had been sponsored by someone who later quit, leaving Bill with 2 Diamond Legs.
Diamonds Bill & Kay Wallace
Diamonds Phill & Patricia Davies (Affiliate with LTD through Danny Snipes)

Bill Britt was on the ADA Board by the mid-'70s, The Britt's registered with Amway in 1970 went diamond in 1973 and double diamond in 1976. Britt went Triple Diamond pre 1982, Crown in 94 and Crown Ambassador in 96.

In 2002 Bill Britt qualified Founders Crown Ambassador (this was the year the corporation created the pin). He broke 40 FAA points and 100+ New Diamonds internationally (15 USA) through 26 qualified legs in 2004. The largest portion of these new diamonds were from China. Britt estimated in 2004 that his IBO downline is approximately 1.5 Million with 1 Million based in India thru Founders EDC Kanti & Hemi Gala.

Bill Britt has joked from stage that it was a good thing that "he never set foot" on India because he went Founders Double Diamond without any effort; thus,going there would only ruin things (he has since visited India). Kanti & Hemi Gala had some conflict with BWW India as a result of which they started their own system Winners International. Recently the problem is being resolved, and as a result there will be collaboration between Britt India and Winners International.

The Britt, Dexter Situation

Bill went on to be Dexter's biggest leg and at one point he actually passed Dexter in numbers participating in his system. During the mid 80's (termed the Amway Holocaust) where most organizations were depleted due to the good economy, the 60 Minutes expose, and the Canadian tax situation, some diamonds started other businesses. They were also very involved in Ronald Reagan's election and re-election. They started a franchise called Dexter's Subs, and also bought into a few Hilton Hotels in Ohio along with a few other real estate investments. This involved a few big diamonds at the time including - Victor, Zeender, Hamlett, Held, Wead, Renfrow,Britt and of course, Dexter. Dexter did not live up to his commitments financially. This led to a major fallout between Dexter and Bill--and the reason that Bill repeatedly warned his groups not to participate in any side deals with upline, downline and crossline. It got so ugly at one time that the corporation forced Bill and Dexter to bury the hatchet. Apparently the Amway Corporation had had to hold separate corporate events (Q12, Emerald Club, Diamond Club, etc). In addition to Bill having a big group, there were many of Dexter's groups who left Dexter and plugged in with Britt.

The animosity between Britt and Dexter has subsided quite a bit. In an Orlando 2004 "attitude session" Britt stated from stage that if interested it was ok for his IBO's to attend Dexter's functions. Also, BWW & InterNET have worked together in select markets outside the U.S.A. on varied support-system related issues. For example, Dexter Yager is listed as a Diamond on the BWW India website.h


In July, 2007, a lawsuit was filed by Henry and Sue Skaggs naming Bill and Peggy Britt, Paul and Leslie Miller, Rocky Covington, Kevin and Beth Bell, and Britt World Wide as defendants. The suit alleges that the Skaggs, having developed a software system to allow for direct order fulfillment of tools to their downline, recevied approval from Britt to continue the development of the software program for eventual rollout to all of BWW. During this time, the Skaggs state that they carried the burden of the development costs. According to the lawsuit, Bill Britt stated in 2005 that the program would not be rolled out across BWW. The Skaggs then claim they were de-edified by their upline. The suit alleges breach of contract, racketeering, and intentional interference with economic relations.


According to The Burlington Times-News, Bill and Peggy Britt filed for separation on November 21, 2003. It was blogged that Bill was the victim of an investment scam and it was in newspapers that he harassed a female, Phyllis Frankel. Ron Puryear sent a voice message to his team announcing Bill Britt's retirement.

Listen to the message.

However, Bill & Peggy have have appeared on stage together at multiple large and some smaller events. They have released recordings of their 2006 seminars. While speaking publicly in January 2006, Peggy said that she had been very busy with a sick mother, sick cat, and sick husband, and that she missed everyone, but was very glad to be back. Peggy and Bill have been in attendance at many BWW functions, including two east coast summer conferences on the same weekend in July 2007. They were also together in attendance at BWW Emerald & Diamond Club, held in Maryland on August 2-5, 2007.