Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Crown Ambassador Bill & Peggy Britt

In Amway recognition, Bill & Peggy Britt have reached the highest achievement level that the corporation offers. The Amway business came to Bill & Peggy out of great adversity, and they worked hard to reach many of their financial goals.

Two years later, Bill discovered that his Amway income exceeded his initial financial goals. He evaluated his situation and reasoned that if he could achieve this by building part time, than he should work full time in his part time endeavor. So, he quit his job. To be certain that his decision was right he worked harder than ever in his third year and qualified as Diamond.

Bill's vision increased and he saw that he could help others in his group to reach the Diamond level. He says that every year he builds on the business that he established in those early years, and each year it adds to his income.

"We take the knowledge we learned the hard way and give it to our people, and we help them to mature in the business until they become our peers," says Bill Britt.

Looking back, Peggy summed up their phenomenal growth with one memorable statement: "We never did anything dramatic, we just did a little bit everyday." That consistent effort to make something happen every day, multiplied by more than twenty-eight years in this business, is the key to their success.

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